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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out everything you need to know about MPCC Credit Union.

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its members.

Who runs the Credit Union?

A voluntary board of directors govern the credit union. These directors are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Professional staff run the credit union operations.

Who can join MPCC Credit Union?

Any person living, working or studying in our area (common bond) can join the credit union. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to join, please contact our offices. Our office is located in Dooradoyle & Mungret.

What is the common bond?

A common bond defines the area within which the credit union can operate. People living or working within the common bond are eligible to join the credit union. Our common bond covers the areas of Raheen, Dooradoyle, Gouldavoher, Ballykeeffe, Ballycummin, Mungret, Patrickswell, Clarina & Crecora.

What do I need to join the credit union?

Please note that from Wednesday, June 9, we will be opening accounts for new members, strictly on an appointment basis in our Dooradoyle office only.

To make an appointment, please call us on 061 424555 (option 1 for Dooradoyle). It is very important that you bring all the correct documentation required to open an account at the time of your appointment. Please see below for further info.

You will need 2 forms of identification to join – photograph ID e.g. Passport/Drivers Licence (current) and proof of address e.g. ESB/Phone/Gas Bill, bank statement etc. (in the last 3 months) and if you are joining under the Working Code you will also need to bring with you proof of your employment e.g. a letter from your employer and/or some recent payslips.

Please note that new members under 16 years can use their birth certificate as proof of ID.

We also ask for proof of your Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number). (We’re unable to accept Public Service Card as proof of PPSN)

A minimum lodgement of €10 is also required to open an account. A minimum balance of €6.35 must be maintained at all times to retain membership.

If you have any queries regarding these requirements, please contact us at (061) 424 555 or enquiries@mpcccreditunion.ie

Who can borrow from MPCC Credit Union?

Only members are eligible to apply for loans with MPCC Credit Union

How long do I have to be a member before I can borrow?

There is no strict time limit on being a member to apply for a loan. However as a rule of thumb, new members and first time borrowers are asked to save regularly for a period of 3 months before they can borrow.

How do I apply for a loan?

Currently you can only apply for a loan in person in our Dooradoyle office. However we hope in the near future to be in the position to process applications over the phone or online.

How do I repay my loan?

You have several options to repay your credit union loan. You can pay by standing order, debit card over the phone, bank transfer, salary deduction (if your employer offers this facility) or by calling in person to any of our offices. We also have an Express Lodgement service in our Dooradoyle office.

Do I have to save?

Members are encouraged to continue saving at all times, even when repaying a loan. When you save on a regular basis no matter how small the amount, you will be surprised how quickly your savings/shares can grow.

Remember your savings/shares and your loan are protected by Loan Protection/Life Savings Insurance (LP/LS) at no extra cost.

Are there any limits on members' Shares?

Yes, we currently have a policy to cap the shares at €20,000 per adult member and €5,000 for minor members (under 16).

What is Loan Protection/Life Savings Insurance?

Loan Protection Insurance is the insurance cover MPCC Credit Union provides on the lives of eligible members with credit union loans. Provided you are in good health and engaged in your normal life occupation, your loan is covered by insurance. Should a member with an outstanding loan balance die, the balance is repaid in full, subject to certain cover limits which may apply. You should enquire when making your loan application to see if you are eligible.

Life Savings Insurance is a Life Insurance Cover that MPCC Credit Union provides to all eligible members as a way of encouraging you to keep your savings in the credit union and to also save on a regular basis.
Please ask at the counter for our Loan Protection/Life Savings Insurance leaflet for full details or click HERE for more information.

As with all insurances, terms & conditions apply.