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When do you know it’s time to make some major changes in your home? Most likely when you can’t bear to look at your old bathroom fixtures, cracked tiles or the outdated kitchen cabinets and shabby vinyl floor. Or it could be that you need some additional space to accommodate your growing family.

Renovations can add to the value of your home, increase its energy efficiency, or simply make it a more enjoyable place to live

So if your home is in need of some repairs or renovations to turn your existing house into your dream home, MPCC CU can help with a home renovation loan. Whether you want to take on several small projects or make major changes, we can customise a loan to finance your renovation plans.

Types of Common Home Renovations

There are many common home renovations that help to increase the value of property. Some examples are:

  • Kitchen Upgrades and Remodelling
  • Bathroom Updates
  • New Paint and Flooring
  • An Addition of a Bedroom or Renovating the Attic
  • Upgrades to Existing Plumbing or Electrical
  • Replacement of a Roof or Windows
  • A new Conservatory and/or Landscaping
  • Making your home energy efficient


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