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MPCC Credit Union will consider loan applications from members for any worthwhile purpose. In deciding whether or not to grant the loan, the credit committee will take into account the member’s record of savings and loan repayments, ability to repay and the purpose of the loan (normally, there is a requirement for new members or first time borrowers to save regularly for at least three months prior to making a loan application).

If you would like to apply for a loan with MPCC Credit Union, you will need to call to our Dooradoyle office in person and bring the following documents with you. This is standard practice and we appreciate your co-operation in this matter. Covered Loans over €3,000 only require photo ID and proof of income e.g. payslip.

Proof of Income

For Wage & Salary Earners

  • Most recent 3 consecutive payslips and
  • Up to date bank account statements for at least the past 3 months

For Self Employed Members

  • Up to date bank account statements for at least the past 3 months and
  • Most recent set of Audited Business Accounts and
  • Most recent Tax Clearance Certificate

For Members currently in receipt of Social Welfare payments

  • Most recent Social Welfare receipts and /or receipts from any other benefits

Other Documents which are required

  • Current Photo ID (e.g. passport, drivers licence, EU National Identity Card, Travel Pass)
  • *Proof of PPSN (The Central Credit Register (CCR) is a database of personal and credit information established by the Central Bank under the Credit Reporting Act 2013.  You are obliged to provide proof of your PPSN on any application for credit greater than €500). *We are unable to accept the Public Service Card as proof of PPSN.
  • Statements of existing car finance/mortgages/credit cards or any other loans
  • For loans to repay bills or clear other debts, copies of bills or proof of debts will be needed
  • If spouse/partner income is to be included in loan assessment, spouse/partner must sign relevant consent form
  • Evidence of other income e.g. rental income
  • Proof of address (recent utility bill/bank statement etc less than 3 months old)

MPCC Credit Union is a member of the Irish Credit Bureau and a credit check will be carried out on all loan applicants.

Each application is treated in the utmost confidence and will be considered on its own merits.

What happens when my loan is approved?

Once the loan is granted, you will be asked to return to the office to complete a credit agreement, which is a legally binding document being a promise to repay the loan, and to commit to regular repayments.  You will then receive your loan, in the form of a cheque or cash.

Check out our loan calculator for a loan that suits you.

Responsible Lending

MPCC Credit Union does not encourage members to borrow beyond their means.  Instead, the focus is on managing your finances.

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