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At MPCC Credit Union Ltd. we operate payroll deduction schemes with some employers in the area.

The current list of employers is as follows:

  • Analog Devices
  • ARISE Europe

This scheme allows employees to have a desired amount of their wages paid into their savings or loan amount at the Credit Union.  Having some of your wages deducted at source is a very convenient way of saving money or paying back a loan.

How to join the payroll deduction scheme

If you work with any of the employers listed above, simply contact your HR or Payroll Dept. for further details. Alternatively, feel free to contact the credit union directly on 061 424555 for information.

If your employer is not on the list

If there are a number of employees interested in having a credit union payroll deduction scheme, then please contact our office on 061 424555 for more details.

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