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If you wish to set up a Standing Order online or make an online payment to your credit union acount, our bank details are as follows:

Sort Code:   904309

Account:       70628792

BIC:              BOFIIE2D

IBAN:            IE76BOFI90430970628792

REF:              *Your Credit Union Member number

*NB. Your credit union account number is the payment reference that MUST be used. Failure to do so may result in payments to your account being delayed or not being applied at all.

Please note that €20,000 is the MAXIMUM amount that can be held in a member’s account. €5,000 is the MAXIMUM that can be held in a minor account (under 16).

You can also set up a Standing Order from your Bank account to your MPCC Credit Union account by simply filling in a Standing Order form and returning it directly to your bank.

This is particularly useful for Members who find it difficult to get to our office during opening hours or if Members wish to maintain the regularity of savings and loan payments. Be sure to reference your credit union account number on the standing order form. Download our Standing Order Form

If you wish to make a loan payment by standing order, please let us know in advance so that we can amend our system accordingly. It is also very important that if you change the amount of a regular standing order payment that you also let us know in advance.

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